Sweat Equity

Your Part…

Following the selection of a FAMILY for HABITAT housing, PARTNERS will be assigned to each family. A plan will then be developed by the PARTNERS and the FAMILY to meet certain requirements established by HABITAT. This will include a plan for meeting necessary SWEAT EQUITY requirements.

A selected FAMILY must complete 500 hours of SWEAT EQUITY to meet the qualifications for closing on a HABITAT home. Of these hours, 100 must be done at a Habitat for Humanity Build site.  The remaining 400 hours may be completed either at a Habitat Build Site, a Habitat ReStore or within the greater community.  In addition, hour may be donated by others (for example, family or friends of the selected family).

Only in very special circumstances will HABITAT allow any modification of the SWEAT EQUITY requirement for either groundbreaking or closing.


SWEAT EQUITY can be accrued by:

  •  Working on site during construction or renovation of a HABITAT house
  • Assisting with fundraising events Participating in HABITAT committees or committee efforts
  • Providing and/or serving meals or snacks at HABITAT work sites
  • Volunteering to the larger community (examples include Literacy Volunteers, PTA, Head Start, Food Pantry). A maximum of 50 hours per family can come from this type of volunteer work.
  • Accruing a minimum of 200 hours on the home that the family will occupy

Any questions about these requirements must be clarified early so that groundbreaking and closing can take place as scheduled.