Weekend Sixteen,Seventeen

This week I’m combining two weekends into one blog.

I was not there last weekend(Nov. 7th) , but can tell you that the trim work was continued and all the walls and ceilings were touched up with joint compound and painted where necessary.
The closets were all accessorized with closet maid wire shelving and the appliances arrived for installation.
The storage unit was started to be cleaned out in anticipation of being removed from the work site in the next few weeks.

This past weekend , 99% of the trim work was installed, puttied,and painted. The electrician from Reddon Electric completed most of the final connections and installs of electrical fixtures.
Hardware was installed on all the interior doors and the house was thoroughly cleaned in anticipation of carpet being installed this week by Carpetland.
Once the countertop is fabricated by Curtis Lumber, we will install it and then our plumbers can come in and complete all plumbing fixture installations.

We are getting very close to completion at 17 Medbury Rd. and I know Rachel and McKenzie are anxious to move into their new home.

I would like to personally thank ALL the many volunteers , organizations and companies that have contributed to this great cause.
In tough economic times that we are all facing these days, it is truly inspiring to see people come together for a common cause such as this an accomplish it in such a short amount of time.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the Habitat For Humanity BLOGGER!!!!

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