Weekend #15

The crew from Skidmore College was once again at work at 17 Medbury Rd.
The tasks at hand were installation of the interior doors and once these were in, the team filled in the nail holes, painted the door slabs and also the door frames.
The exterior doors were also painted along with the frames. While this work was being done , the storage shed out back was finally completed and painted.
This should complete all the exterior work at 17 Medbury with the exception of final grading and landscaping which will be done in the spring.
The electrical fixtures are being installed and the kitchen cabinets were also hung this week.
Vinyl flooring was installed courtesy of Carpetland Flooring.
Next week the trim work will be installed , nail holes filled and misc. touching up of walls and trim.
Hope to see you all next Saturday. Thanks for making Rachel and MacKenzie’s dream a reality!!!
A special thanks goes out to the Girl Scout Troop 3074 from Glens Falls for supplying the Habitat crew with an awesome lunch!! The food was excellent.

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