Week 13, Week 14

Sorry for the absent week of blogging.

Week 13 was continuation of sheet rock and working on the shed. The handicapped ramp was also decked and prepared for railings.

Week 14 was the start of installing the railings (lots of railings!) on the ramp and stairs were also installed at both porches. The interior trim had a coat of finish paint applied and will be stored in the basement until the walls are painted.

Our taper ( Matt Walsh) from Still water will begin taping the house sometime this week and we should be ready to paint the weekend of Nov.13th.

This coming weekend work will continue on the railings and the rest of the trim that wasn’t painted should get completed.

We hope to have some big volunteer crews signing up for the coming weekends.we know everyone is busy, but Habitat For Humanity NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!!

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