Raise the Walls


IMG_2474A huge thank you to all the volunteers that showed this past weekend with threats of damp weather.  We had another successful build day at 46 E Beacon Street, with a large turn-out (30 volunteers contributed 170 hours).

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The volunteer group this weekend got 150 lineal feet of exterior walls framed, sheathed and house-wrapped, raised and braced.  This included 11 window and 2 door openings.  This progress will allow us to construct all the interior walls next weekend and get prepared to set trusses the following weekend.  We are very fortunate to have a great support from the volunteer community and willingness to work hard and gain great progress. A group of volunteers worked hard to building the side deck:Also the basement stairs were constructed allowing for safe access and material was loaded inside the house in preparation for this week’s water and sewer tie-in by the City.  We plan on framing and decking the front porch as well as get all walls plumb and ready for trusses next weekend.  Come lend a hand if you can to help build a home for our partner family, all volunteers are welcomed which a volunteer survey can be filled out on our website. Keep following us as the build development and another successful build takes place in the Glens Falls Community.

Big thanks to our volunteer lunch partner, Frank Gagne:IMG_2518Thanks for keeping our volunteers full and hydrated.

A site visit from our Architect, Joseph Thompson, to check in on the  progress of the build and confirm a job well done by our volunteers on constructing the floor system and wall framing.


A huge Thank You goes out to Joseph for his speedy turn around on the construction drawings for permitting and ability to work with us.


Please complete the online volunteer surveyemail us, or call us (793-7484) to volunteer for this Saturday!

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