Fourth Weekend

Bob Kovachick, Keep up the good work!!! Habitat has been blessed with four great weekends of weather in which to build Rachel and MacKenzie’s new home.This weekend a small, but ambitious crew from J.M.Z. Architectural and Planning firm continued great progress on the new structure. The sheeting was installed on the rest of the roof with one crew of workers while the other team assembled the framework for the front porch.
During this coming week, the shingles will be installed on the roof courtesy of East River Builders,LLC out of Lake Luzerne.
The schedule for this coming weekend will include the installation of the new windows while work continues on the front and rear porches.Final placement of bracing in the attic area on the trusses should allow us to remove all the temporary braces which are presently installed on all the interior walls.
Habitat for Humanity is extremely grateful to all the volunteers. We are actually further along than we anticipated on our schedule to complete the new home.
See you next Saturday and let’s hope to go five for five weather wise!!!

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