Fifth Weekend

We’re five for five weatherwise!!! Saturday was another picture perfect day for the Habitat crew at 17 Medbury Rd.
We arrived to see the new shingles all completed on Rachel and McKenzie’s house. Yeah!! No more wet floors.
The crew completed the bracing of the trusses,removed all temporary bracing,installed the decking on the front porch,bridging in the floor joists installed and all the new windows were installed and insulated. A lot of tasks completed for a small crew, but a job well done by all.
Next Saturday, we will start to install the vinyl siding on the house and continue working on the front porch.Also front and rear entry doors with hardware will be installed.

Hope to see another ambitious crew this weekend and see if we can continue our amazing streak of good weather.
Thank you to all who have contributed to this project. Rachel and McKenzie are truely grateful for all your efforts!!

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