Back to an empty shell

Progress Update
With 20 people on site Saturday morning, progress on John and Ethel’s house is accelerating.
The remaining demolition was completed.  The back deck was removed and the yard clean-up continued.  The basement walls were removed and the space cleaned.  This will provide our homeowners with storage space as well as an exercise room.  The basement cleanout also provided easy access to the furnace and hot water heater.  Dave cleaned and tested the furnace and found it to be in good working order.  Dave also connected our hot water heater.  Upstairs, all baseboards and carpets were removed.  On the main floor, the bathtub was removed along with the surrounding drywall.  In the upstairs bathroom, drywall was removed in preparation for next week’s work.  Back outside, the new propane tank was buried out of the way.   The Construction Committee met with representatives from Six Flags in advance of their “Project 6” work day at our house.  We are looking forward to working with their skilled volunteers.

Shout Outs 
Thanks to Cool Beans for discounting our coffee and bagel breakfast!  A well fed crew is a happy crew.

 Thanks to Kris Johnston of Adirondack Precision Cut Stone for 
donating excavation services for our new underground propane tank.

Thanks to Dave Mahoney for his work on our furnace and hot water heater.  His efforts have had a positive impact to the budget for this project.
Thanks to Tanya for preparing lunch
Thanks to Steve and Brian from Six Flags and Barbara Sweet from the United Way who met with us in advance of the Six Flags “Project 6” work day.

What’s Coming Up
Next weekend we’ll be pouring footings for the new back porch, removing the old front porch, installing the new bathtub/shower, replacing drywall, and installing the two bath fans.  We’ll also frame walls for the basement stairs and prepare for the Six Flags work day.
Our official ground-breaking is coming up on November 12th at 9:00am.
If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the volunteer survey on our website and email it to our volunteer coordinator.

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