11 Medbury Rd. Week Four

Week four was once again blessed with a BEAUTIFUL day to set trusses on Chris, Penny and Matt’s new home.
As mentioned in the previous post, Gallop Concrete was supposed to set our trusses for us. Due to a mechanical problem, Gallop was unable to keep their commitment, which sent the Habitat crew scrambling to find a crane service at the last minute.
A big, HUGE, Billy Fuccillo thank you goes out to ALLMARK SERVICES of Nassau for coming to our rescue on such short notice to set our trusses with their crane. THANK YOU MARK MOESKE (owner) for donating your labor AND crane free of charge.
The trusses were set and 3/4 of the roof was sheeted today. This chore will be completed next Saturday.
Also completed today was the unenviable task of working in our short crawl space installing furring on the concrete walls which the insulation will be affixed to. Blocking was also installed in the house for grab rails and cabinets and Tyvek wrap applied to the exterior walls.

Many, many thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard today. Also a big thank you to the members of the Habitat committees who keep us hydrated and WELL fed during the builds.

Next week we should wrap up the roof sheathing, brace trusses, and additional blocking. Also we may start drilling holes for wiring and mounting boxes.

Keep up the GREAT work everyone. Penny,Chris and Matt are counting on YOU!!!!!!

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